This radio host lost her job after she admitted the truth about her interview with Joe Biden

Joe Biden is clearly suffering from rapidly declining physical and cognitive abilities. But he refuses to see the writing on the wall and still believes he can convince Americans that he is perfectly fine. But [...]


  1. I Cannot believe that democrats senators havebeen so
    blind aboutBiden conditions
    It started 4 years ago Democrats don’t care about their country only their money that count

  2. The Left’s Ministry of Truth (MOT) continues to march on, never letting the facts get in the way of their hostile narratives. Today’s media is miles wide, but barely a 1/4″ deep. Their ministrations are decidedly puerile, one-sided, one dimensional, hostile and belligerent.
    Listening to Joe speak, it is distressing to witness his inability to connect his thoughts into a meaningful narrative, as he attempts to link people, places and events from his past into a constructive message. His use of pronouns get garbled, mangled and even dissociated by his dementia, as he tries to pull links from times in his over 50 year history in public service to relate to the point he is trying to make today. Joe does not actually believe he is Black, a woman, or the first black woman on SCOTUS. He is trying to say he had influence on or impact over such events, or that he added his bandwagon support to such movements, by oratorically enhancing his resume while inadvertently tripping over his connective gerunds and conjunctions. Yet, this lick-spittle media, who once so militantly covered up Joe’s dementia, now goes after his gaffes and misspeaks like flies to the carrion, or SNL satirists to public events, as they are now trying to “unbundle” Joe while grooming a successor.
    The MOT couldn’t tell the truth if their own lives depended on it. They now blame Joe’s maladies upon his age instead of his dementia, trying to create another false standard to build upon, to wage similar attacks upon other politicians and Leftist dissenters. That is how this MOT survives and thrives.

    So how does a media, that once claimed such a zealous commitment to integrity, ignore the facts in their militant endeavors to attack, demean and debase any criticism or opposition to their single-minded despotism. That is how a legitimate election dispute got conflated into an “insurrection.” That is how Joe’s dementia got covered up for over three and an half years, by a unipartite assemblage of media agents, cancel culture mobsters and wannabe media influencers. And that is how Ms Lawful-Sanders got axed from her position of media moderator of political correctness: by letting her instincts for integrity slip out. She thought she was being candid among friends and like MOT group-thinkers. She was wrong, and she paid the price. Miss Lawful-Summers future will now be determined as she will be absorbed into the Left’s Ministry of Love (MOL). Good Luck to you, sister!

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