John Fetterman picked a nasty fight with Democrats for one reason no one expected

After campaigning as a radical left-wing socialist cut from the same cloth as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, John Fetterman has thrown Democrats a curveball. He was supposed to be a loyal foot soldier in [...]

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  1. I think many of you, myself included, can understand where Fetterman is coming from. Because of his recent medical episode that caused himself to experience an issue with his memory, though for different reasons and most likely different longterm impacts.

    However, Biden is the President of the USA, his responsibilities are far greater and have, not just an impact on a particular State, or even just the USA, but the world.

    Of course many Americans have compassion for what both men are dealing with and that’s commendable. The question that we must ask ourselves is what are the consequences for the American citizens if Biden should win a second term?

    We need a President that can be counted on to answer any threat whether it be foreign or domestic.

    IMHO, the answer is we cannot elect Biden for a second term he shouldn’t even be considered the possible Democrat Nominee at the DNC in Chicago next month.

    Now this does present some interesting challenges for the Democrat Party which I won’t go into in this post. That’s for the Democrats and possibly the Courts to figure out.

    One more thing, the matter of President Trump. Most of us have thoughts about him as a person and as a possible second term President. I won’t go into that, my opinion doesn’t matter since I have only one vote. I’ll just add this. America has dealt with many crises in the past. We have overcome all of them for better or worse. Why focus on whether Trump is victorious or not, or if Harris should win, or whomever the Democrats choose? We as a Country will survive no matter the challenges we will face. I realize many of you may feel differently about that, and that is OK. My hope is that we stop all the bickering since we don’t know the future, and we begin the process of being adults and come closer to being one BIG Country, rather than let our differences eventually destroy what our Founding Fathers sacrificed for, blood, sweat, tears, and death. It’s up to each of us to make sure we don’t let down our young and future generations.

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