Joe Biden is fuming after Democrats leaked this dark secret about the debate

Joe Biden turned in the worst debate performance in American history. Now he’s fighting to save his campaign from utter ruin. And Joe Biden was fuming when Democrats leaked this dark secret about the debate. [...]


  1. Jill Biden she be indicted for elder abuse and contributing to the delinquency of an octogenarian……!! Shame on the “Biden Crime Family.” And the same for the entire “Don Vito Joe “ corrupt Administration!!

  2. The more they try to cover up his cognitive dysfunction, the more we see how bad he really is. But, they allowed him to run for re election, trying to oust him now just makes the DEMONrats look like backstabbers. And since when does a so called “ actor” Clooney have the right to determine whether he should run or not? They should let him continue, and may the best man win, which will be Donald J. trump, by a landslide. The demonrats created this monster situation, they should have to live with it.

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