Democrat-controlled California is quietly plotting for this deranged environmental extremist scheme to take over the entire country

California is the blueprint for what Democrats want to do to the rest of the country. Now the state is trying to infect other states with its failed socialist agenda. And Democrat-controlled California is quietly [...]


  1. Supreme Court spanking of California’s front commies (EPA) will be taking hold sooner or later. Then all heck will take hold over the commie greenies.
    Fossil will lead the way to America’s fortune in the future.. behind Trump’s Patriotic leadership.

  2. Commiefornia has been messing with too many industries for TOO LONG! Time to reel in these libtards before they can cause more damage to our Country & our economy. They’re already dragging us downhill and ruining too many things.
    Time for the “Big Shake” and let them float off to China !

    • Smarmy Newsom doesn’t know much about climate yet he thinks he can make the rules. He sickens me with his manipulation. Looking to try to make climate changes but does nothing to turn California from becoming a cesspool. He is a joke.

  3. The easiest way to stop these bullies, is to stop selling cars ( and anything else) in California. It’s a question of short term pain for long term gain.If California voters have to shop outside the state,it won’t take long for the economic impact to hit California dealers. It’ll force the lunatic Demonrat politicians to back off. Re-election is all they really understand.

  4. Sadly we have misinformed along with misinformation. Common sense is another huge factor with the Left.CO2 is not factor in bad things happening in our environment either. Stupid does as stupid is. They are trying to destroy even their own lives. This is called ignorance. That’s it, I’m done.

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