A Watergate journalist dropped a bombshell about Joe Biden that confirmed the worst

The truth is finally starting to come out about Joe Biden after his shocking debate performance. Now the gruesome details are leaking, and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined. And a Watergate journalist dropped [...]


  1. I won’t pretend to anyone how I feel about Biden. I can’t stand the man and every thing he stands for. He and those Communist he works with are destroying America. The sooner we are rid of him,and them, the better.

  2. The Progressives have displayed their finesse in act after act starting on Biden day one with the Keystone shutdown. We’ve had the ongoing alien invasion, rocketing inflation, wars everywhere, the Afghanistan rout, King Joe making fiat rules in defiance of SCOTUS rulings and now the clown car orchestration of their presidential campaign where Joe Biden is the brightest star in their firmament. Do we really want this wrecking crew running the nation for the next four years?

  3. Democrats wants another Obama in office to finish off America. They hate that the American people have freedom and guns. They want total control of everyone lives. They are backed by Soros who hates everyone and every country that has freedom. Obama, everyone knows he is controlling Biden and the rest of the democrats. But the democrats didn’t count on the American people waking up to the lies,fraud and cheating to stay in power. They have lied about everything. Biden standing up there telling the American people everything is going great. This man is totally insane. Who is telling him these lies!Jill Biden will push him until he lead off in cuffs or dies. Jill Biden is a very dangerous woman who is out for power and will throw Joe under the bus when she gets enough money to walk away. Obama should of been in jail by now for all the damage he has done to America. Young people are just too uneducated to see what the democrats are doing.Their school system has lied and betrayed them. Telling them to hate their own country and you don’t have to work the government will take care of you. But the government only takes care of illegals criminals and terrorists. They give your money to countries that hates America. You not getting any thing. Ask a senior about how they worked all their lives paid into social security and the government hands them hardly anything but the hand a illegal move $ 5,000 A month! Your submission to stupidity is just sickening. If I don’t like freedom no one is stopping from leaving America.

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