A Netflix actress is calling for Joe Biden to commit a literal act of war to stop Donald Trump from winning the Presidency

Whether they appear on the big screen or your smartphone, most actors and actresses today love having a platform to push their woke agenda. And even though they’re “famous,” they can’t just commit criminal acts [...]


  1. I don’t know who this crazy bi××h is. But if this is want Netflix is showing. I AM CANCELING NETFLIX. MAYBE WHY I HAVE NOT WATCHED IT IN AWHILE.

    • I totally agree. No wonder I have never watched NetFlix and never will! If someone said that about the Clown they would be arrested!
      Who is this crazy B???

    • Netflix has to take down any Movie she’s been in. Fire her and have her Black listed like they did in Mccarthy era. Never to work again. Huge fine and a court trial to decide if she is insane.

  2. I do know it this were a conservative saying these things the fbi would com banging on their door. This is profoundly disturbing the way they are acting.

    • Yes, the FBI should have already been banging on her door. She’s asking another human to kill a former President!

  3. Public threats to kill someone is dangerous and it should be addressed by the FBI..and DOJ..It’s obvious this woman needs to be investigated..

  4. I just checked my handy pocket Constitution and It states that “any threat to any member of any branch of the US Government is a Felony and will be investigated and prosecuted by Secret Service and the FBI”…

    • Agreed wholeheartedly. She should be arrested and tried for treason and sedition! Cancelled my Netflix too. And BTW she is one lousy actress!

      • Why cancel Netflix doesn’t make sense that they had a loose cannon. Netflix should take down whatever she did for them. Let the Secret Service, FBI take over. Vile person

  5. FBI AND SECRET SERVICE. should Arrest this lady for making terrist threat against another person a public official. Former President Trump, this is a crime

  6. This F*****G bitch should be investigated and put in prison!!
    This is the reason I only watch certain movies and never have and wll ever have Netflix. Screw you Hollywood!!!!!!!🖕

      • If this idiot was a conservative and made these same comments about Joe biden,they would already be arrested and hauled to jail. Why is this person not in jail?

        • That’s true joe and Jill controls the dog and fbi, so people like that thinks they can get away with anything let whopper say that and sees what will happen or Nancy and that aoc bar tender bitch.

  7. Goes to show you how indoctrinated some people are. They really have no clue what’s going on in the world. 1. Why didn’t Biden send the weapons that Zelinsky wanted before Putin invaded. 2.Why did Biden send our money to Hamas. 3.Why did Biden open up our Borders. 4. Why did Biden allow Iran to sell Oil. I could go but not enough time.

  8. I am old enough (although not exactly ancient) to remember when a comment such as this would find the FBI knocking on your door before the day had finished

  9. She’s a typical Dumbycrats . Every thing they say is exactly what they are. They are the Hitlers the Devil themselves. All you have to do is look at the cities they run and states. California is the biggest screwed up state there is.

    • Exactly, where is the DOJ and FBI when she is inciting people to commit violence and then it happens?

  10. Writing this comment day after assassination attempt on Trump so for sure this woman should be arrested along with congess woman who said he must be taken out,
    What irks me is I said far far less on TicTok and got banned for life. Why was her post allowed to stay on and get 9000 likes?????

  11. The left is the one with all the hateful rhetoric and they are calling for Republicans to tone down the rhetoric. The democrats initiated all the hateful speech when President Trump was elected in 2016. They haven’t stopped since.

  12. Oh you’re Sicilian. I can tell you this the Italians will put you in concrete boots girl
    for speaking crap like this using their proud heritage. You need help girl

  13. SHE MUST BE ARRESTED!!!! Now you must not have any doubts about the EVIL surrounding the DEMOCRATS/LEFTISTS/LIBERALS. Someone did EXACTLY what she DEMANDED!!! How many others will take up her call to MURDER???

    • That’s true Mary tha left and their friends think they can say and do what they want that’s because of the wokeness and demos.

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